Papa San rocks Fun in the Son

AMERICAN Grammy Award winner Kirk Franklin watched as veteran Jamaican deejay Papa San rocked the Best Dressed Fun in the Son gospel festival at National Heroes Park, Saturday night.

Franklin tore away from his security team on his way to the exit after his performance, then ran back on stage to dance a few steps with San, who was just revving up at the time: A gentlemanly acknowledgement that San is the boss in his hometown.

And, as co-promoter of the event, Glory Music's Tommy Cowan, explained, "We have no choice but to make San close the show. We have tried different people behind Papa San and it never works, don't care who you try".

Ask the huge crowd who were swaying hands, waving flags and jumping to the rhythms of the heavy-set but talented deejay and accomplished band. He waded through some of his best known Christian era songs like Jesus Makes Me Smile, Again, Tambourine, A Yuh Alone (Fi Get di Glory) and Step Away, perennial favourites of the Fun In The Son crowd.

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